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Ahed Therapies website brought to life!

Ahed Therapies is the latest new client to experience the very real difference provided by Stepping Stones Marketing Solutions.Ahed Therapies logo

The company that specialises in providing psychiatry and counselling treatments were disappointed by the results of it’s website built by a Cardiff website company. The problem was typical of what we see time and time again. The website had been built providing company¬† information but was not appearing on Google or any other search engine at all!!!!!!

Stepping Stones Marketing reviewed the website and initially provided the company with an independent report by a leading website ranking company on the search engine position of the website on 26 chosen keywords which the company wanted it’s website to be found under. This showed that only one keyword¬† was ranked by Google out of the 26 chosen keywords – and this was the company name Ahed Therapies. The website basically was hidden to the world not appearing anywhere!

Stepping Stones Marketing Solutions then undertook changes to the coding and text on the existing pages and 4 days later the search engine position for all the keywords was run again showing the following results:

  • 25 of the 26 pages now ranked by Google
  • 15 pages ranked higher than position 20 (page 2 of Google search)
  • 13 pages ranked on page 1
  • 6 pages ranked no.1 on page 1
  • Ahed Therapies was now being found on many more searches in addition to the 26 being monitored.

The above approach is typical of the website strategy support that is provided by Stepping Stones Marketing.

How many website design companies are confident enough to measure their success and report on this back to a client?

Our approach is simple, a website needs to be built correctly to have the best chance of search engine optimisation success. Unfortunately most website designers are graphic designers and produce nice looking websites but do not possess the coding and search engine optimisation skills to ensure a website performs as it should….or cannot be bothered because they know that a client does not understand what is required to make a website search engine friendly, prefering to charge a client for additional SEO work after the website is built!!

Alastair Clarke Walker of Ahed Therapies commenting on the change in the website performance said “At last I have someone who has explained simply what is required to make our website be found and give us a very real chance to receive enquiries. I cannot believe the results after only 4 days, but the explanation of why the changes were required by Stepping Stones Marketing and the evidence they provided as to exactly how the website was performing was very professional. I cannot understand why the existing website company could not achieve the same ensuring that the website performed as we required. My advice would be to contact Stepping Stones Marketing Solutions before you build a website or if your website is not performing as you want and let them open your eyes to the world of website building!”

If you want to bring your website to life – contact Stepping Stones Marketing Solutions today.