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How to build a great SEO friendly website

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When we build a website we take great care to ensure that it is built so that it has a great chance of appearing in search engines where you would like it to.

Our experience shows that many website companies build great looking websites but that the SEO build of the site is forgotten about or often not considered. This is usually because it really does take a long time to do or the website builder just simply does not understand what needs to be done. In 95% of websites we are asked to review – no effort at all has been made to code the website to achieve search engine rankings. Why do website companies do this, well it’s because they know that they will never be asked as 95% of people just don’t know what to look for…if companies see a nice website design on the screen they are happy, but whether it gets seen by prospective customers it is quite another thing!!

A website strategy that works

When looking to build a website make sure your website company asks the following questions:

  • Have a clear website strategy defined. What are you trying to achieve? What is your target market? – This is important in identifying keywords to be used
  • What keywords do you consider potential new customers may be searching for your services – not just one or two keywords but a series of keywords that will widen your possible coverage.
  • Whoever is providing the website editorial content, check that each page is keyword dominated to assist in ranking each page for a different keyword.
  • Check the page titles, h1 and H2 headings are keyword specific – if you don’t know what these are – ask the website company to explain and to recommend what these should be for each page

There are so many other issues to ensure that your website achieves good ranking results and if you would like to understand better how a website should be built we really love think this page by a US SEO consultancy explains it very well. Check out the link and learn how to make the most of your website.

If you are unsure and want to be certain that your new website build gets seen contact our Cardiff based office for a FREE website review or new build consultation.