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World Cup fever – sales tool opportunities

World Cup challengeThe globe is about to go mad (if it has not done so already) with World Cup fever. Many companies across the UK have already put in place plans to use the event as a major promotional tool to gain more business.

Events like the World Cup are great ways to interact and communicate with clients and potential new clients raising your business profile and increasing sales.

We have put in place for several companies a World Cup tournament promotion, in some cases as a reward for sales achievement during the World Cup for staff , for other companies using the event to provide special offers and generate interest in their products and services. It is estimated that over 60% of the UK population will watch the event at some point and globally the viewing figures will be rated in their billions!

Trying to tap into this interest is an opportunity not to be missed, as long of course as you don’t break any copyright or licensing rules – be careful because if you get it wrong… could be very costly!

We of course mourn our beloved Wales not being at the tournament, but we will still be taking a keen interest supporting neutral Switzerland  Рonly joking!!!