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Stepping Stones Run the Great North Run

Guide DogsNext weekend sees Stepping Stones Marketing take on the Great North Run in Newcastle. Forget the ice bucket challenge this is a real challenge!!

Director Dawn James together with son Matthew travel to the North East to take on the iconic run with a back-up team providing transport, motivational support, physiotherapy services and a shoulder to lean (cry on) at the end!

We are raising monies for Guide Dogs for the Blind  (a charity often forgotten about nowadays) who undertake incredible work. Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind, which means we need to train more guide dog puppies. Donations ensure that a guide dog puppy can receive traininJustGiving Homeg – from those tentative first days with a puppy walker through to more advanced training at guide dog school and eventually matching them with the right owner. All your donations will play a vital part in giving independence and freedom to blind and partially sighted people.

Please help support the team by visiting our Just Giving Page – click here


Website design – making sure your website can be seen

Take a look at what we are doing for latest customer Ahed Therapies. website design example

Fed up with their website being totally anonymous we have used our online expertise to ensure that their website is now beating all their competitors and being found on search engines across South Wales and beyond.

Quite simple to do if you know what you are doing…why website design companies don’t do this as a matter of course I will never understand…well actually we do , most website design companies do not understand how to do it as they are graphic designers not website coders. Or they do understand but because it takes some time to do it properly they don’t bother because most customers don’t understand what is required and they get away with it…

Oh of course it also provides them with an opportunity to get more money off their client when the website goes live and they have to undertake that mystical SEO work to get the website to be found!! Scandalous….get your website company to do what they should have done when they built your site and search engine optimise your site – !!

If you want to discuss why your website does not work as you would expect contact us today for a FREE review of your website.  View the Ahed Therapies story here

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Welcome to the new Stepping Stones Marketing blog, covering all aspects of marketing and the latest going ons in the toy and gift sector.Paul james -Managing Director Stepping Stones Marketing

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