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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation cardiffSearch engine optimisation in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend, Swansea and the surrounding South Wales area

Ensuring that your website is found is vital if you are to stand the best chance of reciving more visitors and hopefully more business.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for us) time and time again we are approached by website owners who are disappointed with the results from their websites. They don’t appear on search engines where they would like and as a result their website remains unknown to all their potential customers.

Often these disappointed website owners find that their website is not working as they expected and when they go back to the website builder they are told the solution is to take out an expensive SEO package to correct the poor results achieved to date.

In our view this should not happen. When a website is built time should be taken to understand your business including details about your target market and where they live and work! Once this is understood time should be taken to understand how they will search for products and services that you may offer. In summary a website company before they start building your website should :

  • Understand fully how your business operates and the goods and services offered
  • Identify your target market and understand where they work , live and how they will want to interact with you
  • Identify the keywords that you consider potential clients may use to find providers of your products and services – not just one or two should be considered but as many as possible so you can rank which ones are likely to be the most important.

SEO starts with the initial website build, in fact it’s the most important SEO that can be undertaken and can make the difference in your site being found and remaining hidden! The correct coding and subject content on your site will ensure ongoing SEO work is kept to a minimum saving you time and money.

Check out the SEO work we undertook for Ahed Therapies on their website – all of which really needed to be done when it was originally built!

A good marketing strategy helps to drive an excellent website!