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Branding and Identity

Corporate branding and identity services in Cardiff, Newport and South Wales

Whatever size of your company, your customers and prospective new customers need to recognise and remember you.Everycare brochure

To achieve this recognition, there must be something memorable about your business proposition beyond the products and services you offer.

Company branding is not solely achieved through the creation of a logo, or indeed, its consistent use. Branding is developed by other areas of your business including customer service, sales processes, company polices and values to name just a few. All of these build a perception of the company in the mind of the customer.
The creation of a strong company “Vision” and accompanying “Values” is essential in the building of the company brand. When building your brand you really should consider your whole company proposition and what it portrays to the market.

We provide innovative graphic design solutions to make your company stand out from the crowd but can also assist in formulating and developing the culture and values that your company wishes to put across.

clearskin websiteStepping Stones Marketing Solutions can assist in all areas of brand building including:

  •     New logo design and testing
  •     Innovative graphic design
  •     Drafting of corporate branding and style guidelines
  •     Corporate literature – copywriting and graphic design
  •     Company vision and value statements
  •     Communication campaigns
  •     Website design and build